Monthly Archives: March 2010

First Race of the Year

After a five year hiatus*, I ran in a road race on Saturday.   I figured the Four Courts Four would be a good start–4 miles, in an area that I’m pretty familiar with. The course was downhill going out and uphill coming back, which was HARD. I was also nervous because I ran this race alone, and that freaked me out just a tad.

I tried my best to run the whole thing, but ended up taking some walk breaks. I did run up that last hill though.

I learned that 1) I need to run outside, hillwork on the treadmill doesn’t cut it; 2) uh, it really sucks to run when everything you are wearing is soaked from the rain; and 3) it’s ok to run by yourself.

But it was a good time spent on the road.

*I sound all official-like using the word “hiatus.” It’s not like I was a pro runner or anything in 2005–that year I did run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile and other longer-than-5K races. Since then, my running habits can best be summed up in one word–none.