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Learning to Push Myself

I wasn’t particularly athletic in middle school and high school, so I’ve always associated any kind of exercise-related exertion as being evidence that I’m not fit, not athletic, not cut out for [insert athletic activity here].  Feeling like I need to breathe harder?  Bit of sweat trickling down my back?  Soreness in my abs?  My immediate reaction was “I can’t do this.”  I always assumed that people who run on weekends, play in tennis weeknight tennis leagues, or workout regularly do it all with relative ease. I always thought it was easy for everyone else but me.

That’s all changed now.  One of the most important things I’ve learned from my trainer and from running is that it’s never going to be easy (hence the “work” in “working out”), and that it’s ok to push myself physically.  I think it was our 7th session–we were talking about my progress, and I said that I was bummed that the workouts weren’t getting easier.  My trainer laughed in a good-natured way, “Um, it’s not supposed to get easier. Your workouts are actually getting harder. Stop thinking of yourself as someone who can’t do this.”

It’s been hard.  Sometimes on a long run,  I want to stop because I’m not supposed to be a runner! Or when I’m in the middle of a plank/push up series, Huh, my arms feel tingly. I should just take a break now. But when I do push through, it feels pretty awesome.



When it comes to diet and exercise, I’m just super flighty. I always have grand plans and am super motivated in the beginning, but always peter out a few weeks in. There have been a few instances where I stuck with it–and money and humiliation have always been involved. I trained for and ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile after I told everyone I knew I was running it, and I completed the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day (60 miles!) 8 years ago mainly because I had to raise money and couldn’t NOT do it after people gave to the cause, right?

So this year I decided that the best way to finally get my fat ass in shape is to throw money and humiliation prevention at it. To that end, I’ve hired a personal trainer (authority figures also scare motivate me, btw) who has so kindly given me “homework” for the week. I’ve also signed up for the FAYE contest over at Loser Moms. Instead of talking about races, I’ve gone ahead and registered for a few spring races. Now I can’t back out, right?

This is my week’s workout plan:

Cardio: 20 mins of walking/jogging

  • Monday: Cardio, plank hold (3 X’s- 30 seconds), stretch for 5 minutes
  • Tuesday: Cardio, stretc
  • Wednesday: Cardio, 1/2 plank hold 3 X’s-30secs, abdominal work for 5 mins- on back: basic crunch; shins parallel to floor crunch; feet to the sky crunch; scissor kick legs w/ arms down at sides
  • Thursday: Trainer session
  • Friday: Cardio, stretch
  • Saturday: Cardio, 20 pushups 20 tricep dips 20 squat jumps 20 forward lunges (step forward into a lunge and return to start)
  • Sunday: Cardio, stretch